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Free E-Books


I have created the following e-books to support various charities and organisations I work alongside including: 
 The PDA Space 

Thriving Autistic

Beacon NeuroConnect 

GROVE Neurodivergent Mentoring and Education

These e-books are a free community resource to share some of the key information provided by a wide variety of  professionals from different background including healthcare and education, who all generously share their knowledge and experiences.

Please feel free to download and share if you find it valuable. 

Please credit the original work of those delivering the webinars/training/workshops and affiliated organisations/charities and individuals.

Recent Webinar Resources 

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Free Download E-Books 

What Does It Mean to Be
Neurodiversity Affirming?

An e-book to support the webinar delivered by Jess Garner from GROVE Neurodivergent Education and Mentoring for The PDA Space 2024


Free Download E-Books 

Created for The PDA Space inspired by the webinar 

An introduction to Monotropism' delivered by Fergus Murray (

This free download covers the 6 main starting points for understanding monotropism. These have been previously shared and published in other articles in Fergus Murray's Medium blog & also republished by

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism


Free Download E-Books 

An introduction to sensory processing difficulties. Inspired by the webinar delivered by Victoria Robinson (Sensory Occupational Therapist)  for

The PDA Space


Free Download E-Books 

The limbic system explained. Inspired by the webinar delivered by

Nanny Aut for The PDA Space


Created for The PDA Space inspired by the webinar 

Reasonable Adjustments in School by Amanda Hind ASC

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A free e-book to support the webinars and workshops in The PDA Space Portal  by Nathalie Shek (OT, Helping Kids Shine) and Dan & Kay Aldred (teachers).

This e-booklet provides a brief overview of the NINE different sensory systems  are and shares some ideas of how we can best support our children and young people to understand their senses and the best ways of regulating their mind and bodies.

It provides a simple explanation of the Polyvagal Theory and shares some of Dan and Kay Aldred's ideas from their new book  'Embodied Education:Creating Safe Space for Learning, Facilitating and Sharing', to help become a 'space holder' for your children or those you are supporting and the importance of feeling connected.

We need to support our children to understand the ways in which their body, mind and sensory systems all work together so they can feel embodied.


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A free e-book to support the workshop I created with Tigger Pritchard (Bridging the Neurodivide) for PANDA the Charity in Devon November 2023. 

This e-booklet provides a brief overview of how a better understanding of attention tunnels and flow states can support young people with the various demands and transitions at home and school. 


  • What is Monotropism

  • Monotropism and Environments

  • Monotropism and Transitions

  • Supporting Monotropic Learners

  • Benefits of embracing monotropism

New Resources

More coming soon...


Reviews and Feedback

Signposting guide with ideas to support a better understanding of Autism and

Autistic Burnout is available here as download pdf. 

Neurodiversity Affirming Glossary of Key Vocabulary
Created for The PDA Space Summit 2023

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Resources & Sign Posting

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Autism Understood
Autism Understood is a wonderful website about autism, for autistic young people. The website was created by Spectrum Gaming, a registered charity. Spectrum Gaming is a community for autistic young people which has three main intended outcomes: Building friendships, Increasing Self-Acceptance, Advocacy.

Epic Autism Resources (padlet)
A collection of THE best neurodiversity affirming Autism Resources 
(all free open access for everyone)


A Padlet of EOTAS Options and Information(Education Other Than At School)

Learning About Neurodiversity at School (padlet)
As part of the LEANS Community impact project, the LEANS team has challenged the public to set up community-led venues for interested people to meet one another, talk about the LEANS educational resources, and consider wider issues around neurodiversity and education. I have set up a Discord group called 'NICER' to support this and as a space to discuss Neurodivergent Inclusive Collaborative Education Routes and share ways to be NICER: promoting understanding, compassion, empathy to meet the needs of all learners. Please click this link if you are interested in joining us. 

Support & Resources

Autistic Parents UK - Peer support charity for Autistic parents

AMASE – Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh
-  lots of great info & signposting

Aucademy  - Educators of Autistic Experience, neuro-affirming resources and webinars
Autism Books - A great collection of books by autistic authors 

Beacon NeuroConnect
- helps children and their parents, carers and professionals develop and build strong connections

Bridging the Neurodivide - great collection of resources & training by Tigger Pritchard

Dr Naomi Fisher  -low demand parenting advice and resources

Kelly Mahler - Interoception Curriculum  -  lots of great info & signposting

Kristy Forbes - Autism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist -  lots of great info & signposting

Monotropism - Collection of writing and research about Monotropism &
archives of Dina Murray

Neurodiverse Connection -Neurodivergent CIC created to support and improve outcomes for neurodivergent people 

Novel Mind:
A Resource for Neurodiversity/Mental Health in KidLit

National Autistic Society (UK) - National charity and support service

 in a ND World - Great collection of neurodiversity affirming websites and resources from across social media

Not Fine In School - School attendance support and advice

The PDA Space - Family Support Community & Resources

ReachOut ASC
-  lots of great info & signposting

Spectrum Gaming - Autism affirming online community for young people

StimPunks - Human Centered Learning for Neurodivergent and Disabled People

Thriving Autistic - Neurodiversity affirming therapists and resources

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism - Autism news and resources from autistic people

Educational Resources

Explaining Autism to young people

Barriers of Education - Neurodiversity Affirming Guide for parents + professionals by Spectrum Gaming

Neurodiversity and anti-ablism reflection tool for Early Yearsby Famly / Kerry Murphy

Pandas ( -
Neurodiversity affirmative information for young children

Autistic Speech and Language Therapist Emily Lees -
Supporting autistic children's communication​

LEANS-C -Salvesen Mindroom Centre -
Neurodiversity affirming focused Parenting and Teac
hing Resources

Belonging in School - Free downloadable resources from
University of Cambridge Research 

MHFA England launches new Mental Health First Aid course
MHFA England



Curtin Ex Uni - Autism and Mental Health Course with Wenn Lawson
(free for first 90 days)

Reframing Autism - Essentials (free course)

The Autistic Advocate (Kieran Rose) Inside of Autism Course (Affiliate link)

Ausome Training Courses

Mental Health Crisis


Papyrus Prevention of young suicide

Hub of Hope 
-Mental Health Support Network

NICER (4).png

I completed Kieran Rose's Inside of Autism course a few years ago. These courses have been  an invaluable source of information for me and my family.

I am now honoured to be an official affiliate. Please click links below for further information and to purchase.

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