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I am an official NeuroBears licence holder. 

Providing 1:1 and small group workshops over 12 sessions online. 

A course for autistic children, young people and their families

to help them understand and express their autistic experience.

Through NeuroBears we hope that young people will begin to

understand their own neurology and autistic experience.

In this neurodiversity affirming strength based model we cover:
Introduction: Getting to Know You

History of Autism
Autism Myths


What Autism Isn’t

Autism and Sensory Experience

Autistic Overwhelm

Autistic Communication

Autistic Masking

Spoons and Autistic burnout

Autistic Identity
Course Summary: The Beginning of Your Journey

A flexible neurodiversity affirming course that can fit around the needs of your young person and own family.

I aim to be as inclusive as possible and am happy to chat about any requirements so that you can access this course in a way that best meets everyone's

communication and sensory processing needs.

Qualified Teacher (SEN Primary), Fully Insured, DBS,

Mental Health First Aider

Book a NeuroBears Course

Taking bookings for 1:1 and small group family workshops.
12 x 1 hr workshops  (£45 per session 1:1)
Please email for details and availability

Also currently offering small group workshops through
Beacon NeuroConnect funded by Open Mental Health


Training for Adults

I found Kieran Rose's (The Autistic Advocate) courses really valuable to give me a deeper insight into the history of autism, sensory and communication differences, masking and ways to understand autistic burnout. It helped develop my own understanding of autistic identity, acceptance and strength to advocate for my needs and the needs of those I support. 

The Inside of Autism course is great for parents / carers and professionals supporting autistic people to give them a greater insight into autism whilst their children are accessing NeuroBears (or anytime if you just want to find out a bit more!)

I am now honoured to be an affiliate. Please click the links below if you are interested in finding out more. 

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