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Projects & 
Published Writing

I am currently working on a few projects with various charities and organisations supporting a better understanding of neurodivergence and mental health in education for young people and their families. 

If you feel I could support your work in any way please contact me. I am passionate about supporting those working towards a more accepting, neurodiversity affirming, inclusive future. 

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Current Work

Thriving Autistic  - Family Support Workshops

(Neurodiversity-Affirming post-diagnostic support for families through Thriving Autistic) 

Thriving Autistic  - Neurodiversity Affirming Family Support Sessions

(Private 1:1 sessions, Zoom / Phone/ E-mail -

what ever works best for you around your family's needs)

I understand how difficult life can sometimes be whilst supporting your autistic children. I aim to help make this part of your journey as positive and neurodiversity-affirming as possible. I offer guidance, support and signposting to help you and your family in both home and school environments.

Qualified Primary SEND teacher, UK 

Beacon NeuroConnect 

Beacon NeuroConnect helps children and their parents, carers and professionals develop and build strong connections and healthy relationships using play-based therapies and training so that they can feel safe and secure. I am currently working as a peer supporter with other neurodivergent families whose children may be struggling to access education or experiencing other challenges.

Recent Projects &
Referenced Work

Neurodiverse Connection - Regular blog contributor writing about autism, mental health and education. Recent blogs have included: 

The Monotropism Questionnaire (Aug 23)

Embracing Children's Monotropic Flow States (Sept 23)

Stimpunks - 
 Shared blogs/infographics and resources about monotropism (ongoing)

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism - 'Supporting Young People through Autistic Burnout' (Sept 23)

Autistic Burnout - Autism Understood - I contributed to the autistic burnout resources on this amazing website for young people developed by Spectrum Gaming Team (May 23)

Monotropism - Recent writing on Monotropism - Referenced on the great Monotropism website by Fergus Murray & also guest contributor to seasonal update blogs about monotropism research (ongoing).

Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood - Referenced in Kerry Murphy's 'Embracing Neurodivergent Pathways of Development' (Oct 23)

Open Letter to the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists regarding the proposed Autism Guidance (July 2023, countersigned). Full letter and response available on Kieran Rose's The Autistic Advocate website & @ElaineMcGreevy on Twitter.  Available here as PDF download. 


Anna Freud - National Centre for Children and Families - Autistic Realms is a recommended resource in their April 2023 Guide to Neurodiversity in the Early Years

Papyrus Prevention for Young Suicide - Autism Acceptance Week - blog post (March 2023)


TeachingTimes EYFS - A Template For A Neurodivergent-Friendly Education Framework? - TeachingTimes (May 2023)

Spectrum Gaming Epic Autism Resources
  - an evolving collection of the best neurodiversity affirming free access resources for young people and families (ongoing)

Viv Dawes Autistic Advocate  - Autistic Burnout (ongoing collaborative webinars and resources)

The PDASpace - Guest blog writer & webinar talk for ThePDASpace Summit 2023,  Supporting children through Autistic Burnout.

Click here if you booked tickets for The PDA Space Summit 2023 and would like access to the webinar by myself and Viv Dawes (Autistic Advocate) 

'Supporting Children and Young People through Autistic Burnout'.






 Autistic Revolution  - Articles about neurodiversity affirming education, autistic burnout and monotropism coming soon  (magazine launching in the near future!)

Twinkl - Guest blog writer, SEND teacher resources (ongoing)


PMLD Link - Profound in relation to those with PMLD (Summer 23)

Newman University - Guest / Visiting Lecturer, Teacher Training, Education, SEND (ongoing)

Square Pegs -Inclusivity, compassion and fitting in, a guide for schools - Book review Crown Publishing (Feb 2023)

Tapestry Education - Online CPD Spring Bulletin (Feb 2023)

Co-Assist NHS OCD Research Project -
Identifying acceptable support strategies for parents of children with obsessive-compulsive disorder (2021/22)

Co-Assist NHS OCD Research Project  - YouTube summary of project (2021/22)



Raising Early Achievement in Literacy Project (REAL)- Working with parents to promote early literacy development, for those with profound and multiple disabilities 


REAL Project book contribution cited in: Nutbrown, C. et al (2022), Home Learning Environments for Young Children, Sage

Story Massage  - Best Practice Award and cited in their recent book Once Upon A Touch


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