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Autistic Burnout
Mental Health

Autistic Burnout resources for young people, families & educational settings to help develop understanding and support recovery

Collated by Helen Edgar (updated Dec 2023)

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Signposting & Ideas

1. Adopt a low demand approach as whole family 💗

2. Encourage children to rest & re-energise in ways that work for them 💗

3. Increase time meeting sensory needs 💗

4. Lots of time and compassion 💗

Here are some of relevant resources from my Autistic Realms website:








Other articles and relevant resources about Autistic Burnout

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism Autistic Burnout Article


This website by Spectrum Gaming has been written by and for young autistic people & is amazing!



Autistic Girls Network

Emergent Divergence

The Autistic Advocate (Kieran Rose)

Literally Ausome

National Autistic Society

Viv Dawes Autistic Advocate has regular family workshops to support parent/carers specifically experiencing burnout

Book: Supporting Children and Young People Through Autistic Burnout (A Workbook For Parents Of Autistic Children)

PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide have published a really valuable Autistic Burnout resource:

Reframing Autism - Autistic Burnout Self-Care Strategies

Embrace Autism  - Autistic Burnout Info

Dr Naomi Fisher has great webinars and info about low demand approach & information about supporting children through autistic burnout:

Aucademy - Jodie Smitten and Chloe Farahar - Autistic Burnout

Neurodivergent Insights - Autistic Burnout vs Depression

Bridging the NeuroDivide  - Tigger Pritchard 
Bridging Neurodivide (

Autistic Parents UK have webinars/ books and parent/carer support :

The Autistic Advocate (Kieran Rose) SENtalk

Kristy Forbes - Autism & ND Support (Autistic Burnout Podcast)

Purple Ella (Autistic Burnout YouTube)

If you know of further signposting for children and young people / families / education please let me know & I will keep adding to this free community resource.

If you or your young person needs support or is in crisis please seek professional support.

💗 Remember to look after your own mental health too 💗

Crisis support

Papyrus - prevention of young suicide

Supporting Autistic Adult’s Mental Health:


Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) are harmful strategies that contribute towards trauma and mental health difficulties.

There is growing research and evidence around the damaging effects ABA and PBS cause people. 

I frequently get asked for information about this so I have collated a free downloadable

PDF signposting document if you'd like to find out more from others who specialise in this area.

I am honoured to be an affiliate for Kieran Rose's Inside Autism course and would also highly recommend their other training and e-books. Please click the link below for more information about Meltdowns, Shutdowns & Burnout in Autistic Children and Young People in Educational Settings.

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