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Educational Support

If you support a child /young person who is autistic, ADHD, PDA or any other neurodivergence they may need some additional educational support. This is not a reflection on your parenting and often not the fault of any school or setting either. It is a wider systemic issue that is a reflection of our society not being set up to meet the needs of neurodivergent people. 

I have compiled many resources I have found personally valuable as both a parent and a teacher below to help you navigate this journey. This will 
help ensure the child you are supporting is able to thrive in an environment that meets their needs whether that is in a  mainstream setting, SEN setting, alternative provision, education other than at school (EOTAS) or you decide to go down the home education route. 

This is a free PDF download with information and signposting if your child or young person is having difficulties accessing education. 

Signposting about school attendance difficulties

Information for Parents and Carers

Information to support you at home and when navigating
Education and Health Care Settings

Free downloads


Connecting Online
Tablet Learning

Information for Education & Health Care Professionals

Information to support professionals working with autistic and neurodivergent young people and their families.

Free downloads


Autistic Realms articles about education

Articles below include lots of signposting information to additional resources and organisations that may be able to provide support.

I am now proud to be an affiliate for Kieran Rose's,  The Autistic Advocate - Inside of Autism Course and other webinars. Please click links below for further information.  Ideal for parents / carers and educational and health care professionals.

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