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Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Poems written by our daughter (age 12) during Covid-Lockdown 2021

I’m glad I’m Autistic

I want you to know that autism isn’t all that bad,

It’s actually a superpower that I was born to have.

Although the sensory issues are a pain,

Each day there are super-powers that I gain.

Did you know so many artists, scientists and writers are autistic too?

Have you ever thought about your friends or you?

I was diagnosed Autistic when I was eight years old,

I was confused and scared wondering what was wrong,

What were all these weird feelings I’d been having for so long?

But then I was told;

It means you’re







I felt a sense of relief,

Finally, I felt complete.

Everything was starting to make sense,

All my little things that I thought weren’t normal had a reason.

I’m glad I’m autistic, I wouldn’t change it for the world!


My obsessions take over everything,

I’ve washed my hands so much they sting.

It’s not just washing,

It’s worrying and being anxious day and night.

It’s constantly an ongoing fight!


My compulsions take over everything,

The battle in my head fills me with dread,

All I want to do is curl up in bed,

The anxiety is so strong,

It makes every day painfully long.


My OCD takes over everything,

I can’t go to school,

It all seems so cruel,

I can’t go out like everyone else,

I want to be outside but feel I need to stay in and hide.

Published by OCDAction Charity Summer 2022


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