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Book Review: The New Normal-Autistic musings on the threat of a broken society by David Gray-Hammond

David Gray-Hammond’s new book The New Normal - Autistic musings on the threat of a broken society (2022) is a fantastic and wonderful addition to not only the Autistic and neurodivergent community but is also an accessible text for those who are less familiar with the neurodiversity paradigm and the flipside of the Autistic experience. It is a wonderful anthology of essays with thought provoking insights that challenge many preconceived ideas and also reaffirms and validates some of my own experience as a recently (late diagnosed) Autistic person. David's openness and personal story weaves through his essays giving it context and a deeper meaning making it a pleasure to read. The actual format of this book is ‘different’, it is slightly oversized, easy to hold and comfortable to physically read. It has double spacing between the lines and chapters starting at different points on the page, for me this gives a physical space to ‘think’ and reflect on each essay and emphasises that there is no normal. I have taken my time to read this book and know I will be coming back to it again and again, wonderfully refreshing in format and content! The New Normal shows a way forward towards a society where everyone's needs can be understood and met, it highlights the barriers in society caused by the unacceptance of difference and challenges created by a society that is ‘broken by design’ it leads the way to a 'New Normal'. This book needs to be read and shared!



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