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Book Review -Square Pegs, Inclusivity, Compassion & Fitting in (A guide for Schools)

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

The knowledge and ideas in the new book, Square Pegs (2023) has the potential to transform our education system and support those working with young people in schools to make positive change. There are escalating numbers of families struggling to access appropriate provision for their children in school. This is highlighted by the current figures from DFE and CAMHs which shows families battling to obtain Education Health Care Plans and on long waiting lists for mental health assessments and support. The current ableist system is leading many young people and their families who fall outside the typical expectations of the school system (SEND and mainstream schools) down a very slippery slope, creating trauma and severe long-lasting consequences in all areas of family life and especially for the young people at the heart of this education crisis. Every day that a child is struggling is a day they are missing out and not achieving their potential. This book shows that if we all work together and flip the current narrative, we can make a difference. Square Pegs shares real life case studies as well as bringing in theory and ideas for practical solutions to put into practise today. The system of trying to fit square pegs into round holes will never work, it leaves those that are already struggling and marginalised even more broken. The law around school attendance and the whole current framework of our education system needs to change, this is a massive task and will not happen quickly. However, there are practical ideas in this book based on real case studies to support those willing to consider a change of narrative and create a positive difference. Education needs to be inclusive and supportive, children, young people and their families should not be penalised due to their differences and inability to fit in. The consequences of the current education system not meeting the needs of so many is devastating.

Square Pegs gives hope, we need to focus on building connections and relationships, prioritising mental health and embracing a trauma informed, neurodiversity affirming culture. We need this book on every teacher training course and in every school staff room. Well done & thank you Team Square Peg!


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